The traffic police stops cars with tinted windows

Publish date 06 April 2016
The traffic police stops cars with tinted windows image

The traffic police will stop cars with tinted windows, noisy pots and modified engines in a new campaign against road aggression.

"The targets are the drivers who wake up the capital at night, people who do not comply with the requirements of the law and think they are untouchable, driving a car for 200 thousand levs," explained the chief of the Sofia Traffic Police Tencho Tenev.

Not only will they be fined, but their cars will be stopped. The registration certificate - part two - is taken on the spot and an order is served.

In general, drivers approve of new measures on the road.

The stopped cars are put into operation again, after the faults have been eliminated and against an application to the Traffic Police. The traffic police warn the drivers, who despite the ban decide to drive their stopped cars, that the sanctions are very high, and the Civil Liability in these cases is invalid.

Confiscation of driver's licenses from the Traffic Police began after the corruption scandal in the Automobile Inspectorate.

The unraveling of the corruption scheme is already underway. The State Automobile Inspectorate cancels examination protocols for which there are data that they have been manipulated. The documents are already arriving at the Traffic Police. So far, it is clear that 60 driver's licenses will be confiscated because they were not obtained properly.

A working group from the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Transport has already started checking all documents. The State Automobile Inspectorate and the Traffic Police exchange information continuously.

Drivers receive an invitation from the traffic police, and their driver's licenses are canceled. So far, 60 people have been left without the right to drive.

Meanwhile, the Association of Accident Victims has launched a campaign in an attempt to reduce road deaths. 7 million sugars will be released on the market. Each has a different message that calls for sensible driving.

Mothers who lost their children in accidents are organizing a protest in front of the Court House tomorrow.