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Combined insurance

Publish date 29 October 2018
Combined insurance image

The needs of the insurance market have necessitated the creation of insurance products combined with several types of insurance. it is accepted as a single document and can be defined as a product with a medium degree of integration.

The general impression of the insurance products considered so far is that they are independent and independent of each other, valid even for most of the technical insurances of the property insurance class. Each of them has its own body, separate General Terms and Conditions, own ideology and can be placed independently, but only if the policyholder has for the same sites (warehouses / cameras) and for the same period insurance "Machinery and equipment", and these machinery and equipment are included as sites in the leading part of which could "Employer's liability", "Staff accident" and even "Cargo during transport" insurance are added.

Obviously, the insurance products constructed in this way have a low degree of integration and in most cases represent a mechanical sum of individual insurances and their General Terms and Conditions. The only unifying features are only the details of the holder, the objects of insurance and in some cases the individual policy number.

It should be noted that the issues of degree of integration of insurance products and their accompanying problems have remained out of sight of theorists in insurance /

The requirements of the market necessitated the creation of combined insurances with a high degree of integration. These products are a document with a common body, built on a modular package in the grouping of risks, allow flexible combination of risk classes of interest to the applicant. insurance.