How to plan life insurance

Publish date 13 January 2020
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When you least expect it, trouble can befall you. Unpleasant situations catch up with us and we must quickly decide what to do to deal with them, as long as they are not fatal. The best way to insure yourself, be calm and have trouble-free days is to take out life insurance. I&G are here to help.

How much does it cost

There is no specific answer to this question. Depending on how much you want the compensation to be when an insured event occurs, the price changes. There are some general conditions that also affect its calculation:

  • the insurance premium is determined by the amount you want to receive in the event of an accident covered by the insurance;
  • the additional packages increase the cost of life insurance, but at the same time they are extremely important, because in the event of a fatal event, your relatives receive double compensation, if specified in the contract;
  • your insurance is of a savings or risk nature - you decide for yourself whether to use it only to cover risks and / or as a savings fund;
  • depending on the risks in the work environment, the amount varies;
  • your health condition is one of the conditions that changes the price, and you are required to be certified and declared;
  • the age of the insured person is monitored in order to minimize the costs of the insurance company;
  • depending on the period of validity, the premiums are smaller or larger, ie the price is again different.

As you can see, different conditions determine the price.

Why it's important to know before you take out insurance

It is important to know well the conditions that are part of the conclusion of the contract. Each of them has a different impact. It may increase the cost of the policy or the compensation for an incident may be lower than expected. In order not to fall into situations of ambiguity or situations that will disappoint you, it is good that each condition, even at the conclusion, be clear and well thought out by you.

How to find out about the main specifics and plan with

At you will find detailed information about life insurance, what it covers and what it does not cover, as well as what the price will be. I&G offers its users online insurance. To determine the specifics you can use the calculator designed for this. By filling in your data and other listed characteristics, you will easily be able to plan the further conclusion of the contract. For questions, contact our insurance experts who will help you make the best choice. By trusting I&G, you provide protection and security in the event of unpleasant and unforeseen situations that you need to deal with quickly.