Why choose online insurance

Publish date 08 January 2020
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Why choose online insurance

All services provided via the Internet save us a lot of time and even money. More and more people are taking advantage of this and often say that if they could, they would do all their work via the Internet without having to go around, wait in line and so on. Online insurance is definitely among the preferred purchases. This is perfectly normal and people often choose this insurance option because it is quick, convenient and easy - with just a few clicks.

What are the features of online insurance

Contracts are seldom concluded in which neither party is harmed in one way or another. In online insurance, however, this is a fact. Insurance companies quickly realized that they could skip some of the intermediaries when selling a policy, which allowed them to offer their customers offers at lower prices. In addition to the price, it is important for consumers that they save time and manage to insure themselves without having to go around the city, delay, wait, etc. All types of insurance that are offered on the Internet have important features. For example, you receive complete and accurate information in Bulgarian, which is consistent with the Insurance Code and the Financial Services Act. The user has the opportunity to get acquainted with the full conditions that the contract offers and to assess whether they are suitable for him. Keep in mind that many people are skeptical about online insurance, but the only reason for this is that they have not tried to find out how practical it is.

What are the advantages and what are the disadvantages

It is an indisputable fact that the advantages are extremely many. So let's start with them:

  • You save time - there is no need to wait with the insurer, but you do the insurance from home, work and even while relaxing in the gym;
  • You get additional convenience - you do not have to wonder where to park, to comply with the working hours of the insurance company, etc .;
  • You save money - you have the opportunity to choose from many offers gathered in one place. In addition, you can remove some of the conditions that you consider unnecessary and reduce the price;
  • The procedure is extremely easy - you fill in the online calculator with the necessary data, receive an offer, confirm and you're done.

After all the positive aspects listed, it is difficult to think of shortcomings. However, as such we can point out that online insurance does not yet offer all types of insurance. Another thing that people consider a disadvantage is that their personal data gets on the Internet. You do not have to worry about this, as there are special protection laws that insurers adhere to.

What types does I&G offer us?

I&G offers different types of internet insurance, namely:

  • "Life";
  • "Third-party liability insurance";
  • "Property";
  • "Auto Casco";
  • Medical and tourist.

We advise you to carefully consider the features of each, choose the right one for you and conclude it online to save time and money.