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Types of deferred payment under the various insurances

NEWS_PUBLISH_DATE 07 January 2020
Types of deferred payment under the various insurances image

Types of deferred payment under the various insurances

Are you one of those people who take care of yourself and your property? You want to insure yourself or valuable material goods, but the amount you need is not right for you. Fortunately, with different types of insurance, there is an option for deferred payment, which will relieve you financially, and at the same time you will be calm because you will have the insurance you need.

Which types allow deferred payment

Deferred payment is a big plus for insured persons, as it does not burden the budget. It is suitable for both younger and older people, because each person can best estimate their own income and how much of it they can spend on the insurance premium. The types of insurance that allow easy income payment are different depending on the insurance company. It is most preferred in the mandatory "Civil Liability", and you can choose for what period of time to be. Contact the consultants of I&G, who will give you complete information about the price of which insurance can be rescheduled several times.

How to choose the best option according to your income

Since we make our own money, we need to know how to distribute it ourselves. We can enter the amount of insurance for:

  • 2 installments;
  • 3 installments;
  • 4 installments.

It allows flexibility in our costs and does not lead to much aggravation. If you want your debt related to money to be dropped faster, choose the option in which you invest the amount twice. In case this will be difficult for you, however, bet on the option with the four installments, which will be the best for you. It is not important how you decide to pay, but that you decide to insure. Apart from the mandatory one, there are many other things to consider. I&G offers you various insurances that will ensure you calm and safe days, even if you have an unpleasant event.

What we need to know according to

It is very important to be well acquainted with all the conditions - what it covers, what would be the compensation in the event of an insured situation and others. We must not forget to find out about the amount we will owe and the ways of its payment methods and options. If at first you hear the final price of a type of voluntary insurance, and it does not suit you - do not rush to give up. First, ask if you can deposit the amount in several installments, which would not be difficult for you in any way. Remember that insurance is extremely important and often brings you peace of mind that no one else is able to offer.