Which is the most reliable car

Publish date 29 July 2013
Which is the most reliable car image

The British magazine What Car? and the insurance company Warranty Direct published their annual rating for the reliability of used cars. Due to its scale, the study is considered representative: the study involved 50 thousand car owners of 38 brands, whose cars are between 3 and 8 years old. The ranking takes into account not only the frequency of repairs, but also their value.

At the top of the rating is Honda, the Bentley brand is ranked last, and only because of the high price of repairs, commented by Insmarket.bg

Autocar magazine recalls that Honda tops the rankings for the eighth consecutive year. By the way, the leaders in the ranking are generally Asian, not European brands.

In second place is Suzuki, and third is shared by Hyundai and Subaru, which are ahead of Toyota. The first non-Asian brand is Chevrolet, which ranks seventh.

At the end of the list, not only the unreliable but also the most expensive brands are "ashamed", whose cars may not break often, but their repair "kills teeth" - these are Alfa Romeo, Porsche and Land Rover.

In last place, as we noted, is Bentley. Unfortunately, 86% of the owners of the prestigious brand have problems with the car every year.