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The scope of "Civil liability" exceeded 85%

The scope of

For 6 months, 876 claims for compensation were sent to the Guarantee Fund
The scope of the compulsory Civil Liability Insurance increased to a record 85.39% for our country at the beginning of July 2013. This was announced by the Guarantee Fund.

The average percentage of insured cars for the first 6 months of the year also increased to 83.06%.

One of the reasons for the increase in coverage is probably the increased traffic in the spring and summer. Then quite a few drivers who do not use their cars in the winter go on the road and take out insurance. Often it is in installments and the installments are paid only for the time when the car is in use.

In addition, the police have also stepped up in recent months and road controls have been stepped up. According to the insurance industry, the Guarantee Fund also contributed to the jump in the coverage of the policy, sending over 335 thousand notification letters to the owners of uninsured vehicles by the end of 2012.

Last year, the insured cars were only about 74-75%. But even now, Civil Liability coverage is not high enough, as the EU requires member states to have at least 90 percent of the country's cars with this insurance. That is why Bulgaria continues to be threatened by European monitoring, which could lead to a new and drastic rise in the price of the policy.

The reason is that Brussels will oblige domestic insurers to provide much larger bank guarantees to ensure the payment of policies for insurance events in our country and in Europe. It is not ruled out that the final measure will be introduced - not to recognize the Bulgarian "Green Card" certificates. This will force drivers to take out new separate insurances when traveling abroad.

Native insurers recently warned about this threat. The gloomy scenario is diverging for now, but our country remains under the supervision and suspicion of the European Green Card Office due to cases of delayed payments abroad. Fines for a driver with an uninsured car are between BGN 400 and 600 for individuals and up to BGN 5,000. for companies.

In case of repeated violation, the sanctions are up to BGN 2,000 and up to BGN 10,000, respectively.


The claims for payment of benefits for the first half of 2013 are 876, the Guarantee Fund announced. It is the subject of claims in accidents in which cars do not have "Civil Liability".

696 of the claims are for property damages, 177 - for non-property, and 3 - for accidents. 366 of the claims against the fund are for road accidents that occurred outside Bulgaria.

Source: SEGA newspaper