Summer cinema on Vitosha from June 1!

Publish date 29 May 2014
Summer cinema on Vitosha from June 1! image

Open-air summer cinema will delight the guests of Vitosha throughout the active season 2014.

From June 1 to October, 2 films will be screened every Saturday and every Sunday - the first screening will be at an earlier time and in accordance with the interests of children, and the evening for all others who have decided to break away from the urban environment.

The summer cinema initiative is being implemented on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the nature park, which is being celebrated this year. Vitosha Cinema Base (as it is called) is located not far from Vitosha Arboretum, the Dragonfly Museum, the Owl Museum and the Bear Museum, which allows young and old visitors to enjoy the Seventh Art surrounded by nature and at the same time get to know better the mountain.

According to Snezhana Petrova, director of Vitosha Nature Park, the building in which the cinema base is located is completely new. It rises in a symbolic place for the park, where there was once a pioneer camp. And before you get upset, we will hurry to reassure you - in good weather the video wall will be taken outside. Which means almost all summer.

In case of unfavorable weather conditions, Vitosha Cinema Base will share a roof with the children's eco-hospital, where teenagers can gain more detailed knowledge about Vitosha Mountain and nature in general. That is why the choice of location for the summer cinema is not accidental - some of the films will be dedicated to nature in order to help promote the Vitosha Nature Park, as well as the protection of its benefits.

The prices of the tickets for the screening are almost symbolic - for children - BGN 1, for adults - BGN 3. But since the hall is not big, it may be a good idea to predict earlier when you will be watching a movie in nature.

The summer cinema on Vitosha is located on the right side of the road from Boyana district to Zlatni Mostove locality, one kilometer after the fork for Kopitoto.