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The Ministry of Interior warns of a new telephone fraud

NEWS_PUBLISH_DATE 22 August 2013
The Ministry of Interior warns of a new telephone fraud image

In recent days, the mobile phones of the subscribers of various Bulgarian operators have received short SMS messages with text in English.

It reads: "Your mobile number has been selected to win £ 5 million, and for this purpose a message with the subscriber's personal data must be sent to the following IMEL address WIN@EUGRANT8.COM in order to receive the prize".
The General Directorate of the National Police warns all mobile phone users that this is a case of fraud.
"No serious company would ask for your data in this way. Subscribers who receive such messages should in no case succumb to the" easy profit "offered to them and continue the correspondence," the press center of the Ministry of Interior informed.
The General Directorate reminds that the provision of personal data is strictly regulated by law and it is done in a specific order.