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Is health insurance a necessity or a luxury?

NEWS_PUBLISH_DATE 18 November 2014
Is health insurance a necessity or a luxury? image

Over 30 companies offer health insurance on the Bulgarian market, which compete with each other, which has a positive impact on consumers of this type of service. The variety of offers allows everyone to find the right insurance for them, but the real question is, do we really need it?

What exactly is health insurance?

Health insurance is a voluntary, private use of packages of medical services, which may include prevention and preventive care, fast and accurate reimbursement of health problems, direct access to highly qualified specialists at national (and / or international) level, hospital and outpatient treatment, etc.

The most appropriate package for everyone is a matter of personal choice, and employers decide whether to insure their employees. Generally speaking, health insurance covers what is not covered by public health insurance.

In health insurance, in general, the quality of health services and the speed of administrative services are better than those of the NHIF. However, the supplementary health insurance does not cancel the obligation to pay health insurance to the NHIF.

How is the price formed in health insurance?

The price primarily depends on the health condition, age, gender and health risks that the insured wants to be covered, as well as on the amount he can pay. A questionnaire related to the health condition of the person must be filled in before concluding the insurance.

There are also cases in which additional medical examination may be necessary. As the insurer may unilaterally terminate the contract and not pay the amounts for the treatment, if it finds out that the insured has lied intentionally, the questions of the insurer must be answered honestly.

The tariffs themselves, in general, can be divided into:

- Basic - insurance with a limited range of health care, designed primarily for students and young people just starting work; this type of insurance is the cheapest (about BGN 250 per year);

- Standard - insurances with extended range of health care for middle-aged people (350-400 BGN per year)

- Luxury - insurance for people with stable status and income, with the best possible health care (600-1000 BGN per year, but if the coverage includes medical care outside the country, the premium increases).

In fact, who has the right to offer health insurance in our country?

Life insurance companies offer insurance "Illness", "Accident", "Permanent Health Insurance", as well as combined insurance.

Non-life insurance companies also offer health insurance, most often on a modular basis - "Hospital treatment", and the client's choice may include the following additional coverage - "Outpatient treatment", "Improvement of medical care", " Reimbursement "," Pregnancy and childbirth ", as well as the module" Improving health and preventing diseases "(" Prevention and occupational medicine ").

Each coverage can be selected in one of the three options - "Basic", "Standard" and "Luxury", and there is an opportunity to prepare contracts for individual customers.