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Lower taxes on powerful cars are offered by the Reformist bloc

NEWS_PUBLISH_DATE 13 November 2014
Lower taxes on powerful cars are offered by the Reformist bloc image

The Reformist bloc wants 50% tax rebates for owners of cars with up to 150 hp if they meet Euro 3 and Euro 4 standards.

And for cars that meet Euro 5 or Euro 6 standards, the discount should be 60%, proposed by the reformers with amendments to the Law on Local Taxes and Fees, which were introduced in parliament.

At the moment, according to the Standard newspaper, the tax rebate is valid only for cars up to 101 hp. The current restriction does not correspond to the modern understanding of the power level of a middle-class car, the deputies from the Bloc believe.

The changes, they say, will encourage the purchase of new and greener cars. GERB commented to "Standart" that they have not yet got acquainted with the bill and it is not clear whether it will receive their support in plenary.

The Bloc also wants to introduce a 5% discount when paying the municipal waste fee by April 30 each year. In this way, they believe, the regime for paying the garbage tax will be equalized with that for the car tax.