You will not believe what people are insured against

Publish date 23 August 2013
You will not believe what people are insured against image

In today's uncertain world, insurance is becoming an increasingly common practice. In addition to health or movable and immovable property, you can insure yourself against various natural disasters or accidents. That, of course, is not all? For example, there is a tendency for celebrities to insure their body parts. If not in our country, this is at least true for the "country of unlimited possibilities" - the United States.

Here are some of the unsuspected items that have become insured, according to Likes.

Money prize

The whiskey company Cutty Sark once offered a $ 1.5 million reward if the Loch Ness monster was brought to them alive. Despite the obvious joke, the company still decided to insure that it would not pay this prize in case someone still met the conditions.

Death caused by falling parts of a satellite

Worried that a satellite could fall out of orbit, crash into your living room and kill your loved ones? That who does not! In the event that this does happen, you can take out assistance in the United States after your loss. In some cases, the condition is even included in home insurance.

If you are an employer, you are aware that there are some things that can make your subordinates leave in crowds. You may think we are talking about respect, better pay or social benefits, but apparently in England nothing drives an employee away faster than winning the lottery. Employers there can have insurance against the departure of two or more employees in case of winning the lottery. After all, this is such a regular event ...

First hole

It is common for a golf course to promise a cash prize for hitting the first hole. It is almost impossible, but golf courses can still get a policy to cover their costs.

Game show

Can you think of a show that promises a lot of money? The American version of the popular "Who wants to be a millionaire?" Is insured for the largest sums. This means that their insurance company pays certain prizes from the show.

Weight gain

Worried that you will gain a few pounds during the holidays? Actress Beth Davis does not need to stress unnecessarily about this. She feared that even the slightest fluctuation in her weight could mean a loss of grief, and insured her waist for $ 28,000 in 1930 (today it is more than $ 350,000).