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Office at home

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Surely each of us has thought at least once how nice it would be to open our eyes, reach for the computer and thus start the work day ... and just stay at home. The idea is really very nice. It sounds like a fairy tale, but more and more people are working this way, remotely. We can judge how profitable it is after weighing the pros and cons.

The benefits of working from home

End of getting up early. The alarm will not bother you every morning as you go over in your head the list of things to do before you leave home, so that you are not late. You don't have to wonder what to take out of the closet at the last minute to get in a decent shape, meeting the requirements of your work environment. You save yourself the fuss about these preparations in an hour when you want to hug the pillow again.

Avoid traffic jams. Sometimes just getting to work in the morning is a real challenge. Crowded buses, nervous drivers, unpleasant scenes and the beginning of another busy day. It is different to prepare at home in peace, without considering the conditions outside.

You save costs. The expenses for transport, coffee and food for lunch, which are calculated for all working days of the month, form a considerable amount, are eliminated. At home, it can be kept to a minimum, which is a bonus to your monthly income.

Without a boss on his head. You do not have to put up with the mood of your boss, which is a serious plus. So you can easily complete your tasks. You will also avoid the annoying stories of colleagues that prevent you from concentrating and steal from the time to perform your duties.

Masters of working time. If you work on time and have a personal job that you want to do during the day, you can organize things yourself as you see fit, without asking permission to leave the office. You are at home and you decide when and what to do. You do not need to spend the day at a desk in an awkward position. You can grab your laptop and lie down comfortably on the couch - no one will blame you.

So far, everything sounds like an endless celebration. But you can't do without tricks ...

The traps of freedom
It is very good to be free, as long as you know how to use your freedom. However, this requires qualities and, above all, organization. Otherwise, all the above advantages will become disadvantages for your work and will turn against you.

Lying until late. Just because you don't have to get up early doesn't mean you wake up at noon and wake up all night. If you do not organize your time, you will feel exhausted and the last thing you want is to do some work. So make a plan for the day, week or even month, just as you would in the office.

Neglected appearance. True, you don't have to look dull for a work date, but still don't spend your day shaggy and in your pajamas. Get in shape and only then start working.

Distracting factors. At home you have many more temptations to break from your duties - your favorite TV series, your partner's ironed shirts, coffee with a friend, your cute puppy ... if you let yourself be taken over, you won't have done anything by the end of the day.

Endless working day. If you are in the office from 09.00 to 17.00, then the unfinished work at home can make you work until midnight, from which your loved ones and you will suffer. Take breaks and create a routine similar to the one you would have if you worked outside.

Social isolation. If you work at home alone, you will invariably miss contacts with others. Try to make up for it by using your personal time to meet people.

Immobilization. In practice, you can get involved with the chair or sofa you work on, or get a serious neck and back cramps if you don't move. Do gymnastics and go out after you finish your tasks.

Misunderstanding. It is possible that your relatives neglect your work and do not take it seriously just because you do not do it in an office. This can become a problem if they start to bother you with everything else, because they think your job is an excuse not to help them by getting involved in homework, for example. To prevent this from happening, announce the start and end of a work day on which you do nothing but do your job.

Last minute postponement. The deadline is approaching, but you are not yet half done with your assigned project. The reason is that you have fallen into one of the above traps and have not prioritized properly. Even if you succeed now, do not make procrastination a habit, because you risk never finishing on time and your work will suffer.

Be businesslike, organized and ready to work. Set aside a place in your home for this purpose, arrange an office in it - your belongings and work there. Don't turn your home into an office or the office into a home - make separate spaces for both to be able to differentiate and balance your activities. Prove that you can be relied on because you are responsible and self-organized enough. Nice work!