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Three of the most famous billionaires as animals

Three of the most famous billionaires as animals image

"In his next life, Mark Zuckerberg may return as a sheep. Now is the time to enjoy your money. ” This is the motto of a curious advertisement of the Brazilian magazine TOP, which shows what a sheep with Zuckerberg's face would look like.

The edition presents three illustrations with the same motto. The second shows an owl with the face of Donald Trump and a llama like Bill Gates.

TOP aims to advise rich people on how to spend their money wisely before it's too late. The publication presents the trends in the consumption of luxury goods on the Brazilian market.

The illustrations in his campaign caught the attention of the world's marketing media, including Business Insider, with their masterful workmanship and the fun association of billionaires with these very animals.

The idea came from the Brazilian agency ALMAPBBDO