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The original script of the new "James Bond" was stolen by hackers

Publish date 16 December 2014
The original script of the new

Hackers stole the script for the latest James Bond movie "Spectrum" in their cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment in November, the BBC reported.

On its official website, Eon Productions expressed concern about the likelihood that the script would be made public. Specter should be released in November 2015.

The film's official website also says that Eon Productions, the film's producers, learned about the theft this morning. The script was among the materials hacked by Sony's website after hackers broke into the defenses of his computer system. BGNES reminds that the shooting of Specter started this month, after the title of the film was announced. Sony denies allegations in some media that the filming of the tape was stopped due to the cyber attack. Investing in the saga of the legendary British agent is a good step for Sony, as the latest tape 007 Coordinates: Skyfall raised from viewers around the world $ 1.1 billion.

On November 24 this year, hackers broke into the computer network of Sony Pictures in California. They posted on the Internet the salaries and social security numbers of thousands of Sony employees, including celebrities from the film world. Due to the fact that the image of the leader of North Korea is included in the film, the allegations are that she is behind the attack, and although the country officially denied it, she still defined the action of the hackers as correct.