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Plastic instead of aluminum for Mercedes S-Class

Plastic instead of aluminum for Mercedes S-Class image

Mercedes-Benz engineers continue to fight hard to reduce the weight of the car and have already reached the next level in this direction. The company has decided to replace the aluminum beam on the rear suspension with one made of plastic, reports Automobile.

For the first time, the new material will be used in the next generation of the S-Class sedan. The special plastic is called Ultramid® A3WG10 CR and was developed by BASF in cooperation with ContiTech Vibration Control. Compared to the current part, which is made of aluminum, the new one will be about 25% lighter.

In order to solve the problem of long-term operation of the beam and to be able to meet all safety standards, the new material will contain 50% fiberglass, which has great resistance to mechanical and thermal stress.

The beam of the new type of plastic will be able to be used for all modifications of the Mercedes S-Class, except for the sports models prepared by the AMG division. The company is even considering testing the element on the current generation of the S-Class, but no final decision has been made yet.

Source: Diyan Penev /