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"Shop" changes its name

Publish date 01 April 2014

The largest site for free ads in our country is already part of the global brand for commercial sites "Olx". From mid-April instead of prodavalnik, in the web address bar of your browser we will write The rebranding of the Bulgarian site was officially announced today at a press conference. As of today, a video promo will be opened at the opening of prodavalnik. The creators of the site promise their users that except for the name and design of prodavalnik, everything else will remain the same. There will be no need to change the accounts or re-register them, and the ads will remain on the site.

The new logo of the site is already rotating with the current one, and from the middle of April it will remain permanent, the site explains.

OLX is an Internet company that is one of the leaders in free classified sites, owning sites in over 100 countries.