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A judge in a case against a billionaire drives his confiscated Porsche

Publish date 26 February 2015
A judge in a case against a billionaire drives his confiscated Porsche image

Flavio Roberto de Souza, a judge in the insider dealing case against former Brazilian billionaire Aike Batista, was spotted driving a white Porsche Cayenne confiscated by Batista.

The car was one of many confiscated by police earlier this month following a court order.

According to local media, the cars were confiscated on suspicion that Batista was selling or donating assets that were frozen as part of the insider dealing case.

Asked by local journalists why he was driving Batista's Porsche, Souza said: "There was no safe place for the car at the police station and it was exposed to sun, rain and possible damage. I drove it to a covered parking lot."

The cars were to be sold at auction, but Batista's lawyer was able to issue a court order suspending the sale.

Aike Batiska lost almost everything after his conglomerate EBX collapsed and his parent company OGX filed for bankruptcy in 2013, which was the largest in Latin America.

Authorities accuse Batista of selling about 943 million Brazilian reals to OGX, taking advantage of inside information that the company would not live up to expectations of oil production.