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Three gunmen robbed a bank near Pirogov

NEWS_PUBLISH_DATE 10 January 2014
Three gunmen robbed a bank near Pirogov image

An armed robbery of a bank branch took place last night in the Pirogov area of ​​Sofia. There is an increased police presence at the scene.
The signal for the robbery was given at around 6.00 am on telephone number 112. The bank is located on Tsar Boris III Blvd. in the area of ​​the Pirogov Institute for Emergency Medical Aid.

Three attackers broke into the closed office. They were armed with firearms and were driving in a black jeep, BNR reported.

After entering, they neutralized the two guards and took a bag, the contents of which are unknown.

The thieves fled in the same car.

The police are looking for them.