It's time to renew the vignettes

Publish date 27 January 2015
It's time to renew the vignettes image

On Saturday, January 31, 2015, the annual vignettes for 2014 expire. Those drivers who have not yet purchased a 2015 sticker can do so from the distribution network - gas stations, post offices, large retail chains, regional roads. controls, border checkpoints, etc.

RIA reminds that the prices of vignettes in 2015 have not changed.

For the sixth consecutive year, the annual vignette for cars costs BGN 67, the monthly - BGN 25, and the weekly - BGN 10. The prices of the stickers for heavy trucks and buses are unchanged.

Their distribution and sale started on December 15 last year. So far, 585 thousand units have been sold. stickers of all types and categories. Of these, nearly 430 thousand. are the annual vignettes for cars, and over 75 thousand. are weekly. Until January 22 this year, the accrued revenues are BGN 39 million.

In 2014, over 6.3 million units were sold. vignettes of all types and categories. The accrued revenues are over BGN 224.6 million. They are almost BGN 2 million more than in 2013.

The Road Infrastructure Agency has provided 155,896 to the Social Assistance Directorates. free annual vignettes for 2015 worth BGN 10,445,032.

According to the regulations, people with disabilities receive an annual vignette sticker for cars free of charge. Ordinance №H-19 of 2008 states that this right belongs to citizens with 50 and over 50 percent reduced working capacity or type and degree of disability, as well as families raising children with permanent disabilities up to 18 years of age and up to completion of their secondary education.

In 2014, RIA provided over 176 thousand annual vignettes for nearly BGN 12 million to the Social Assistance Directorates free of charge.

The Road Infrastructure Agency recommends that drivers buy vignettes only from the officially designated places. These are the large gas stations and retail chains, the offices of Bulgarian Posts, the regional road administrations and the border checkpoints. A list of the distribution network is published on the RIA website -