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They insure the cabinet for 43 million

Publish date 29 November 2013
They insure the cabinet for 43 million image

The Council of Ministers will be insured for BGN 43 million. The information about the public procurement, which seeks an insurer of the government's properties, was posted on Tuesday on the website of the department, and the deadline for submitting bids is December 20 this year.

The offer does not specify the amount the government is willing to pay for property insurance, but it is clear that the contract will be signed for two years - from February 2014 to the end of December 2015, and experts will choose the lowest price offer. The subject of the contract, in addition to all government properties in Sofia, Evksinograd, Primorsko, Shabla, St. Constantine and Elena, are also agricultural crops in Evksinograd, as well as the property of the administration such as laptops, machines, household equipment. The total sum insured for the properties and their adjacent facilities, as well as the equipment, is about BGN 43 million.

Only the administrative building of "Dondukov" 1, where the offices of the Prime Minister and his deputies are located, is estimated at BGN 21,259,600.56, reported. The insurance policy must include the main insurance coverage - fire, disasters, earthquakes, floods, strikes, civil unrest, riots, riots, arson, explosions, broken windows, terrorism, burglary or robbery.