Terrorism insurance

Publish date 03 February 2017
Terrorism insurance image

One of the most attractive policies offered on the Bulgarian market recently is terrorism insurance. It is aimed at those working in embassies, airports and train stations, institutions and those traveling abroad. This type of insurance will be paid in case of losses from a possible terrorist act.

Buildings will also be insured. Due to the recent attacks, the policies are very up to date. They cover the insured against two risks: sabotage (intentional subversive activity to cause damage or destruction of property) and terrorism (illegal use of violence against persons or property involving political purposes).

Experts are of the opinion that this type of insurance is placed on the market so that Bulgaria can be competitive in the services offered in the EU. They give an example with another attractive insurance in our country - the one that covers pets. It was introduced two years ago, but has not been very successful, as Bulgarians do not have the habit of insuring their pets.

For now, the only insured pets are the horses, as they have contracts for millions of levs and most of them bring income to their owners through competitions, writes topnovini.bg