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6 tips on how to protect your home from theft

6 tips on how to protect your home from theft image

1. Before leaving your home, inspect the windows, especially in the service rooms, such as the basement and the garage. The thief may be a familiar person - days before the robbery, he may have entered your home as a specialist in carpet cleaning or as a plumber. This gives him good opportunities to inspect the home, which is an advantage in theft. In some cases, thieves may ask you to use the bathroom, and when they do, they secretly leave the room window slightly ajar.

2. When you go somewhere for a long time, avoid telling this to many people.

3. A running TV or radio can become a secure protection against criminals even from an alarm - systems that work with a timer and mimic the flashing of a switched-on TV can now be found on the market.

4. Pay attention to the locks. Double-sided and multi-sided locking locks have a good effect.

5. Advise your family members (especially children) to keep their keys well. There should be no inscriptions with names and addresses on the key link.

6. If you find the door of your home broken, do not go inside. A criminal found in a confined space can be very dangerous. Go to the neighbors and call the police.

To be safe for your home - make PROPERTY INSURANCE. Get security, peace of mind and maximum protection for your home and property.