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The application for aid for insurance of agricultural products begins

The application for aid for insurance of agricultural products begins image

On March 20, the State Fund "Agriculture" announces the start of the acceptance of applications under the State Aid Scheme for co-financing of insurance premiums for insurance of agricultural products. to submit applications to the regional directorates of the fund.

By September 30, farmers must submit their insurance policies to the "Implementation of support schemes and measures" department in the regional directorates of the Agriculture Fund.

For 2018, the approved resource is BGN 1.5 million. The maximum amount of support that a farmer can receive is up to 65% of the value of the insurance premium.

The purpose of the aid is to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises, farmers who grow fruit, vegetables, essential oils and tobacco to voluntarily insure their agricultural products against adverse climatic events. The costs for concluding an insurance policy are partially reimbursed.

A budget of BGN 21 million has been set for the entire period of operation of the agricultural production insurance scheme (2015-2020).