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Traffic Police will also check for "Civil Insurance"

Publish date 09 September 2013
Traffic Police will also check for

From today to September 15 in all EU countries launched a widespread action of road traffic authorities, which will monitor the use of seat belts by drivers and passengers in cars, safety systems and child seats and helmets by motorcyclists.

The operation is also being carried out on the territory of Bulgaria, and while it lasts, inspections will be carried out for a valid compulsory motor third party liability insurance, the Ministry of Interior announced.

It has a preventive purpose to reduce the risk of serious injury or death in road accidents.

The similar operation conducted in March 2013. has registered an increase of 1,164 in the number of detected violations related to the use of seat belts by drivers and front seat passengers.

Out of the total of 37,099 vehicles inspected at that time, 5,046 violations or 13.6% were found. According to this indicator, our country is approaching the leading countries in Europe. However, the required result in the use of seat belts by rear seat passengers and child restraint systems has not yet been achieved. In the leading countries of the European Union, seat belts in the rear seats are used by over 90% of passengers, according to the Ministry of Interior.