The most successful technology companies of 2013

Publish date 13 December 2013
The most successful technology companies of 2013 image

The year was extremely successful for the US market and companies, including those in the technology sector. Here are the technology companies that were the big winners this year and increased their value the most.

1. Google
The growth in the company's capitalization this year was greater than the total of Facebook. To a large extent, this was based on the success of the Android platform, which helps the company benefit from the transition of users to mobile communications and the Internet. In the future, business prospects remain attractive, including for newer initiatives such as Google+ and Google Glass. Capitalization growth in 2013 - 130.7 billion dollars.

2. Microsoft
The year already looked good for the company, which had been stuck for the past 10 years when current CEO Steve Ballmer announced his plans to step down in August. This initiated further growth in the company's shares to levels not seen since 2000. The appointment of the CEO next year will be key to continuing the upward trend. Capitalization growth in 2013 - 93.3 billion dollars.

3. Facebook
The company continues to record good results, despite the massive transition to mobile communications. It is now well positioned to further increase its market share in advertising, especially with the upcoming launch of video ads. Capitalization growth in 2013 - 75.4.

4. Amazon

The company's shareholders still do not see profits, but this, according to CEO Jeff Bezos, is not the most important thing. As he has repeatedly said, the company is investing in its future. Investors will continue to focus on revenue growth. Capitalization growth in 2013 - 63.9 billion dollars.

5. Priceline

Normalizing the growth of the US economy, as well as that of Europe, could lead to a good new year. Capitalization growth in 2013 - 30.2 billion dollars.
6. Hewlett-Packard
Many rushed to declare the company dead given the record decline in sales of desktops and laptops. Its shares ended last year at a 10-year low. However, Meg Whitman's efforts to cut costs have been successful. Capitalization growth in 2013 - 24.2 billion dollars.

7. Intel

The company presented some major breakthroughs in chips this year. This managed to impress investors, despite declining sales of personal and laptop computers. However, its shares still lag behind overall growth with an increase of 19% since the beginning of the year. Capitalization growth in 2013 - 21 billion dollars.

8. Qualcomm

With its dominance in smartphone and tablet chips, the company managed to maintain its accelerated growth. Capitalization growth in 2013 - 18.6 billion dollars.

9. Micron Technology
The price of memory has stabilized and picked up this year. Shares of the manufacturer of such products rose by more than 250%, which leads some analysts to fear a correction. Capitalization growth in 2013 - 17.9 billion dollars.

10. Yahoo
Yahoo has also entered the list of favored technology companies. Search engine shares in Yahoo Japan and China's Alibaba rose this year, contributing to growth in the company's capitalization. Capitalization growth in 2013 - 17.3 billion dollars.