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We pay 7 times more for our cars than for health

We pay 7 times more for our cars than for health image

The Bulgarian allocates from his budget many times more funds for the maintenance of the personal car than for prevention and care for his health.

According to the information provided by the Bulgarian Automobile Union, the average total amount of costs that a Bulgarian makes for a 101 hp petrol car that has been in operation for 10-15 years is about BGN 1,267 per year.
This amount includes expenses such as mandatory taxes, vignettes and insurance - worth about BGN 667, the inevitable replacement of winter and summer tires, which cost about BGN 100, the replacement of oils and filters, which cost the owner another BGN 100. If there are no serious damages to the car, the annual maintenance repairs are usually between BGN 300 and 500. The sample does not include funds for fuel, which at a mileage of 20,000 km per year is about BGN 5,000.

At the same time, according to data from the National Statistical Institute for 2012, the average health care expenditure per person per year is BGN 212.

The comparison between the two amounts on an annual basis shows that the Bulgarian spends approximately 6 times more money on car maintenance than on taking care of his health.

"The data eloquently shows that we still do not realize the importance of health care. Prevention is a personal responsibility and depends only on ourselves. We hope that these statistics will provoke people to think about the crucial importance of prevention, "said Todor Vodenicharov, Head of Health at Siemens for Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro." All studies show that regular prevention is a leading factor in detecting dangerous diseases at an early stage. This in turn leads to their treatment, "he added.

A study by the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) shows that last year more than 3,000 fewer Bulgarians went to the mandatory annual preventive medical examination by their GPs, compared to 2012. Last year the number was 3,546,855.

In the process of collecting the data, the company also found a curious fact. The Bulgarian is extremely conscientious regarding the serviceability of his car, investing the necessary time and resources to pass the mandatory technical inspection - the presence of a policy of valid liability insurance, as well as a document for paid vehicle tax due to the day. The periodic inspection of the vehicle (as the payment of the tax is a condition for regularity in the annual technical inspection of the vehicle) .The payment of the tax is certified by presenting a document issued or certified by the municipality.At the same time he finds countless excuses to did not go once a year for a medical examination, although he was obliged to do so.

"We all need to work to improve the health culture of Bulgarians and their consciousness. We all need to understand how important it is to take care and fulfill our commitment to our health, at least equal to those for our car, "said Todor Vodenicharov.


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